SPECIAL THANK YOU TO HARRY PEDWELL As many of you are aware, Harry Pedwell has been a board member at Eden since 2016 and served as President of the Board since 2019. On short notice, Harry resigned from the board this fall to fulfill an obligation in his role as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces. He is currently deployed as part of a non-combat mission with NATO in Iraq. Harry provided steady leadership at the board level during evolving and often challenging times over the last couple of years. We want to thank Harry not only for his greater service to Canadians but his dedication and commitment to Eden. We look forward to welcoming Harry back into the Eden community upon his safe return.

Fatty Fish Benefits Fatty fish are a source of many essential nutrients and therefore play an important role in a healthy diet. Fatty fish are a major supplier of a special kind of fat called omega-3 fats which provide the body with many health benefits. Research supports that omege-3 fats promote proper heart health, are important for fetal and infant brain and nervous system development and may help reduce inflammation in the body.