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Eden Food for Change works to be a place where everyone in western Mississauga can be a part of a community focused on good food. Through our food bank we provide access to nutritionally balanced groceries. Our kitchen programs teach people the skills and knowledge to provide healthy meals. We also seek to provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to help build a stronger community – with a focus on food – because who doesn’t love good food. Eden Food for Change –  Good Food For All!

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Current Needs

Current Needs

Printable Needs List Mar/April
* Fresh/Frozen Foods, especially Meat, Yogurt, Margarine, Butter, * - see note belowCondiments - BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, RelishPickles, Mayonnaise
Toilet PaperOilLaundry Soap
Flour - All Purpose and Atta FlourBasmati RiceBulk Oatmeal
Boxed CrackersPeanut Butter and JamSide Dishes
Instant Coffee and Hot ChocolateBody Wash and ToothpasteBaby Food Jars - Meals and Vegetables Only (No Fruit)
JuiceBaking - Cake Mixes and Muffin Mixes
* Fresh product must be given to a volunteer at either: 3185 Unity Dr, Mon-Fri 9-4pm or 3051 Battleford Rd, Mondays only 9am-3pm, in order to be refrigerated.