Eden Food for Change primarily serves western Mississauga.

We serve people who live in the postal code areas starting with L5L, L5M and L5N.  The number of people who need help putting groceries on the table has definitely increased over our history. Click on these maps to see how poverty has increased in our community over the past few decades. In the ‘80s we were decidedly middle-class, the map from 2010 will show you that times have definitely changed.

Our volunteers, corporate and community partners engage with us from all over Mississauga.

Whether they are sorting food in one of our locations, preparing food in our community kitchen or collecting food from local friends, families or grocery stores, our community is passionate and generous.

In 2016 we served 2,802 people each of whom received an average of 34 lbs of food per visit, 51% of which was fresh food.