WE ARE OPEN. As the COVID-19 situation continues, we are committed to serving the families and individuals facing hunger in our community.


Thank you for your interest in supporting Eden Food for Change and thinking of us for your volunteering opportunities. We would just like to let you know that your application will be placed on our wait list. Please understand that due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not running at capacity for volunteering and your wait time may be delayed. Thank you again!

High school students can start volunteering as early as the summer before they start grade nine. We often have quite a long waiting list for students who would like to volunteer with us, so if you are interested, it is best to apply early. Below are descriptions of the volunteer roles available to high school volunteers.

If you would like to apply to volunteer, please complete an application. If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@edenffc.org.


Our two food bank locations distribute food at no cost to low income families, with an emphasis on fresh and healthy food when possible. Volunteers attend weekly to help food bank members to select food, sort and pack food donations, stock shelves, and assist with carrying food in and out of the food bank. Some volunteers register people as food bank members, or work with members to assess need and refer them to additional community services (these positions require a current agency-specific police check). Other volunteers provide a valuable service by picking up food donations from local businesses and delivering them to our food bank locations.


Special events are held periodically during the year to raise funds and/or collect food donations for Eden Food for Change. Volunteers on our special events list are contacted whenever we are seeking volunteers to help with these events, and open positions are filled on a first come, first served basis.


The length of the waiting list is always changing, and is not the only determinant of how soon someone will be offered a volunteer position. Other factors include if and when positions become available, and the extent of an applicant’s availability. Please note that there are separate waiting lists for adults and students.

If you are waiting for a regular volunteer shift, and you have not been contacted regarding an available position within six months of the date you applied, your application will be deleted from our database. You are welcome to reapply. While we try to accept as many applicants as possible, there are a limited number of volunteer positions. Regretfully, not everyone who submits an application for a regular volunteer position will be contacted.

If you have applied to be on our special events contact list only, you will be kept on that list for one year from your application date. If you do not volunteer at any special events during that year, your record will then be deleted from our database. You are welcome to reapply.

We do not offer one time individual volunteer opportunities on our regular weekly shifts. If you are interested in volunteering on an occasional basis only, you may wish to consider being on our special events contact list.

Adult volunteers on a regular weekly shift are asked to make a minimum commitment of six months. Students who volunteer on a weekly evening food bank shift must commit to a minimum of 40 volunteer hours. Students who volunteer on a summer food bank shift or a Farmer’s Market shift must commit to the assigned shift for the season.

Most of our volunteer positions do not require a criminal reference check. If you are offered a position that does require a criminal reference check, you will be informed of this at the time that the position is offered to you. Criminal reference checks must be obtained at your own expense.

When you accept a regular weekly volunteer position, we assume that you will be at your shift most of the time! If you are an adult volunteer, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible if you are going to be away, so that we can arrange for extra volunteer coverage if needed. If you are a student volunteer, you are allowed a maximum number of absences which will be discussed with you when your paperwork is completed.

At your request, up to a maximum of two times per calendar year, EFFC will provide you with a letter stating the total of your volunteer hours, the date range during which your volunteer service was completed, and a one line description of your volunteer role. If you have a school form that needs to be signed, you can arrange a time with the volunteer coordinator for this to occur. Character references are only provided to volunteers with 100 hours or more of volunteer service with EFFC. EFFC does not provide documentation of volunteer service that benefitted EFFC, but was completed as a volunteer for a third party organization.

Applications for a regular weekly volunteer shift only are retained for six months, and will be deleted if the applicant has not been offered a position by that time. Applications to be on the special events contact list only are retained for one year, and will be deleted if the applicant has not volunteered at a special event by that time. Records of service are retained for five years past the date of last service, at which point they will be deleted.