Are you looking for ways to engage your students around local community issues? If so, consider teaching about hunger in our community! Classroom lessons, field trips and educational resources are all ways to help students have a better understanding of the issues facing local families.


Most food drives consist of non-perishable food items. When collecting, please check best before dates and only donate food that you would eat yourself. Have a collection box that is clearly marked so people know where to drop off their donations. Eden does collect donations of fresh produce, but please remember that this can only be done if collection and drop-off are done in a timely manner to maintain freshness. If you plan to collect more than 300 lbs you can contact us at to pre-arrange for a pick-up. If you are collecting less than 300 lbs you can drop off your donations at our warehouse at:

Unity Location
2-3185 Unity Drive
Mississauga, ON L5L 4L5


GROUP SIZE : 6-24 participants
DONATION : $25 per participant
TIME : 3 1/2 Hours
WHEN : Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays


You will participate in a fantastic learning opportunity with our professional Chef, Peter Costello (also a professional chef trainer). Under Chef Peter’s guidance, you will learn about nutrition, and prepare healthy food for our food bank members while learning some professional kitchen skills. Groups are often able to produce up to 500 portions of homemade food to be distributed to local low income families in our community.


Toonie Tuesday is our annual school fundraiser, traditionally held on the third Tuesday of November. Although you can hold a Toonie Tuesday event any time of the year – it doesn’t even have to be on a Tuesday.

For 10 years students in western Mississauga have been supporting their neighbours by bringing in a toonie which supplies the food for 4 meals. Give a Toonie, Feed a Family! If you would like to register your school for this event, please email

Why a fundraiser and not a food drive? Food Banks can leverage their place in the community and their connections to make a dollar go a lot further than the average community member. For example, we buy fruits and vegetables at the Ontario Food Terminal, which provides us with a significant savings. In our efforts to provide fresh food, we also spend approximately $1000 a month buying milk to distribute to hungry families.

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