It’s August, that means there’s only a month of summer vacation left. It’s also the time when you run out of fun activities and your kids start going absolutely stir-crazy! Shake things up while giving back by helping them organize a fun and unique summer food drive.

BBQ Drive: Summer is the time for grilling, so why not grill while giving back? Organize the BBQ you would’ve anyway for your family, neighbours and friends and ask everyone to bring a non-perishable BBQ party item to donate.

Summer Camp Drive: Pair up with your favourite summer camp to host a drive that includes items for school lunches, like juice boxes and healthy snacks, as the school season nears.

School Supply/Back-to-School Drive: Speaking of the school season, we are in need of back to school items for our younger food bank members. Backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils—children from low-income families usually go without. Please think of them and their schooling needs when donating this time of year!

Will you try any of these ideas for the Summer? Have any ideas of your own? Be sure to let us know! And have a very happy end of summer season.

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