Shake the winter blues early by planning a fun and creative event to help support Eden and your community. Sick of the usual food drives? We’ve got you covered with unique ideas to inspire your next gathering. Here are a few spring fling ideas to kick off the season and feel good about giving back while having fun!

1) Food Hunt for Hunger: Instead of the usual Easter chocolate egg hunt, have children (and adults too!) search for tokens that symbolise the number of cans each family must donate to the food drive. Whoever finds the highest number of cans totalled wins prizes—besides, chocolate isn’t that nutritious anyway!

2) Make Mom Proud: May is always an important month for us! It’s Hunger Awareness month which happens to coincide with Mother’s Day. Along with the standard flowers and cards, get mom something she can be proud of like a donation in her name to the food bank or a certain amount of pounds of food raised for her. We guarantee this is a gift she won’t soon forget!

3) Sports Themes

March Madness: Organize a baseball shootout for hunger with teachers, city counsellors, friends, etc. with the entry fee being donations of food. Or use your March Madness brackets to dictate how many items of food must be donated. Get creative using your favourite players and teams!

Baseball Opening Day: Hit a home run for hunger! Each home-run or score can total a certain number of donations. Get your local rookie team involved and make it fun for all ages!

Will you try any of these ideas for Spring? Have any ideas of your own? Be sure to let us know! And have a very happy first day of Spring.

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