As the COVID-19 situation continues, we are committed to serving the families and individuals facing hunger in our community. We consider the food bank at EFFC an essential service during this time, especially as many food outlets are closing and as grocery store shelves are increasingly bare. We will remain open to give families in need access to good food and essential items for as long possible.
Thank you to everyone who has has helped so far. Thank you to local community groups for your support and for those forced to close in the food industry who are offering to donate their extra supply to EFFC. The coming days and weeks will be uncertain for everyone – and for households facing hunger, the coronavirus fallout including school closures and job disruptions can present an even greater threat.
As EFFC works diligently on plans to support our community during the entirety of this crisis, we are in need now more than ever before. Food purchases are still required, especially fresh food, as donations and product are in short supply. Donations towards food purchases can be made online on our website or by clicking the link below.
We are also in need of food donations, especially the nonperishable items specified on our Needs List below, to continue to be able to provide to over 500 families every month. Pick ups at EFFC donation bins at local grocery stores will be increased to two days a week. The office at Unity Drive is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm to receive donations. Contact or to arrange for delivery of fresh food or ready-made meals, or if you are a restaurant who has had to close with extra food on hand.  Please share this message if you know anyone who may be able to help.
You can help ensure we continue to be there for our neighbours in need during this time of uncertainty. Every dollar counts. No donation is too small. Please donate today.


Thank you!

For more information on the changes we have made to our operations during this time, see our previous update here.

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