There is no understating that these are taxing and extraordinary times. However, it is especially important to take care of yourself and think about your nutrition during these stressful times. Focusing on having as healthy of food choices as possible should remain a priority even during a pandemic.

DID YOU KNOW?: According to the Dietitians of Canada, there is no single food, supplement or natural health product that is authorized to treat or prevent you from catching COVID-19. However, having a balanced and nutritious diet can help support your immune system and overall health.

Listed below are some food and nutrition tips to consider during these challenging times:

· Keep healthy foods that you enjoy on hand – Although it is important to be prepared, there is no need to stockpile foods that you don’t typically consume or enjoy. Grocery stores and food banks will NOT be closed, even during these stressful times.

· Focus on protein rich foods choices– whether choosing canned goods (fish, chicken, beans, legumes), fresh (meats, poultry, tofu, eggs, cheese, yogurt), frozen (fish, meats, poultry, edamame) or dried (skim milk powder, lentils, beans), strive to have a source of protein with all your meals and snacks.

· Practice first-in, first-out (FIFO) protocol – keep track of the best before dates on your non-perishable goods and use the ones with the earliest date first.

· Remember your fruits and vegetables – many fresh fruits and vegetables (like apples, carrots, potatoes, squashed) can keep for long periods of time. Additionally, you can rely on canned and frozen sources so that all your meals and snacks may have a source of fruits and veggies.

· Choose whole grains – Select whole grains whenever possible whether that be fresh products (like whole grain bread, bagels, tortillas, pitas) or dried (brown rice, steel cut oats, barley) to have healthy sources of fiber daily.

· Stay well hydrated – don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids like water, herbal tea, decaf coffee, and milk to keep hydrated

Despite the challenging situation, be kind to your neighbours and remember to lend a hand to those in need. We are all in this together; stay safe and healthy

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