ANNOUNCEMENT: New Food Bank Manager at EFFC!

We are elated to announce that Deborah Kuhnen has graciously accepted the role of Foodbank Manager at Eden Food for Change. We are all very enthusiastic about Deb coming on board with us. Many of you already know Deb quite well, she has been volunteering with us at our Unity site for about ten years. Deb has served in many capacities on the foodbank teams and has always done so with authentic enthusiasm and great dedication. Over the years Deb has coordinated Christmas cookie bake offs and produced the soups and salads for waiting foodbank members at Unity. During times of transition, Deb has taken on the role of the “go to” person. Her passion to serve and genuinely care for the foodbank members, volunteers and staff has earned Deborah great respect and support from everyone at Eden.

So I am very happy long with the board to welcome Deborah as our new Foodbank Manager,


Peter Costello
Executive Director
Eden Food for Change

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