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Thank You Maureen!

Maureen-for-webIn the past 5 years, if you’ve called into Eden Food for Change or showed up to the front door at our Unity location, chances are you have met Maureen Sawicki our Office Manager.

Maureen is an enthusiastic Eden Food for Change cheerleader who loves serving people, is patient with the many, many, many questions she hears and is incredibly proficient with all of her accounting, book-keeping, tour-giving, and various other tasks that have come across her desk. Recently, one donor heard that Maureen would be giving his group a tour of the organization and was excited because she always does such a good job.

If there was any doubt as to Maureen’s dedication, and there wasn’t, it would have been erased when a few years ago when she was off on sick-leave during her cancer treatment. Even while being bed-ridden by her chemo treatments, Maureen would show up to help out for EFFC’s large events to make sure her interim replacement knew all the nuances and needed tasks for such occasions.

Maureen returned from her sick-leave determined to continue on as before. However, she hasn’t quite physically recovered and has since been diagnosed with ankylosing spondilitus and has struggled to keep up with all the demands that are involved in her role. A few months ago, Maureen moved to working four days a week in an attempt to deal with the physical limitations she was now facing. However, the job was so demanding that she ended up working longer hours on her four days in the office to try and keep up with everything.

Despite her best efforts, Maureen has determined that she can no longer continue working at EFFC with her current physical limitations. It wasn’t an easy decision, as Maureen shares “I’m really going to miss Eden. The staff team and volunteers are amazing and have had a wonderful impact on me. Being at Eden has also shown me a whole new world that I hadn’t realized was there. While at Eden, I have spoken to people whose stories are devastating. On the other hand, I have seen more generosity in one week than most people see in a year! There are certainly sad stories, but these have been more than balanced by the incredibly giving side of human nature that I’ve experienced at Eden.”

Thursday is actually her last day in the office and you can be certain that Maureen will be greatly missed by volunteers, donors and especially by her colleagues who are wondering how everything will get done!

So, we wish her all the best and will be glad when she pops in to visit.


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