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People Living in Poverty are Able to Access Fresh Food in western Mississauga

fresh-food-picMississauga, ON – Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 – After reviewing their 2016 statistics, Eden Food for Change is pleased to announce that they distributed an average of 51% fresh food to their Food Bank members in 2016.

Over the last seven years, Eden Food for Change (EFFC) has been transitioning to provide more longer-term solutions to the issue of food insecurity in western Mississauga. Early on, one of the first changes implemented was a drive to see more fresh food distributed through their food bank. Many people are often only able to access food with inadequate nutrition because of their limited finances; this non-perishable diet has a direct correlation to the chronic illnesses they must face in the future.  In 2009, the Food Bank at Eden was only distributing 10% fresh food, so reaching the 51% mark is a significant milestone for the organization.

Many of EFFC’s Food Bank members comment on how helpful receiving healthier food is for them and their families. “Store prices are so high and with it being that way, it’s impossible to eat as healthily as I would like for me and my son,” said one parent.  While another member commented about how the fresh food give by the Food Bank at Eden defies expectation. “It leads us to be more creative with what we make and have more well-rounded stuff other than just peanut butter sandwiches and pasta all the time.”

In addition to any donated fresh items, the distribution of fresh food includes eggs, milk and vegetables that EFFC regularly purchases thanks in part to monthly financial donors. “It is because of our financial donors that we are now able to provide so much fresh food to people through our Food Bank,” shared EFFC Executive Director Bill Crawford. “In fact, all of our milk is purchased because of a generous donation made by Councillor Carolyn Parrish through her annual fundraiser.”

Councillor Parrish stated, “It’s my pleasure to organize a yearly event at Harding Estate, to supplement the milk supplies for Mississauga’s food banks. Eden Food for Change is an innovative, exciting service for its residents. I’m delighted to be able to assist in [their] work.”

While the Food Bank at Eden serves low-income individuals who reside in western Mississauga the organization also runs a Fresh Produce Box that is open to anyone who can access one of their five pick-up locations. The program provides twice the value of produce that a person can generally purchase at their local grocery store thereby making healthier food more accessible to everyone.

Eden Food for Change has been serving Mississauga for more than 25 years. The organization provides people with emergency food support through its two Food Bank locations, as well as the ability to put healthy food on their own tables with its Learning Kitchen. EFFC’s Fresh Produce Box program allows everyone to access affordable fruits and vegetables. Eden Food for Change – Good Food for All!


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