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He Didn’t Know

Joe-S.Joe Sadler ran a successful small business but after all of his careful planning and hard work, it went bankrupt.

It was a business that employed 96 people and was profitable after only 13 months. Joe, who had designed the entire business plan, was pleased to see that they were a month ahead of schedule in making a profit. After the rocky economy caused by 9/11 the business faced some struggles and couldn’t recover its footing.

After Joe went out of business his wife left him and he states that “She lost faith in me.”  At the beginning his son decided to stay with Joe and his daughter with her mother. However, things took another downward turn as Joe lost his job in September, 2014 and his son left the following month.

In the midst of all this turmoil, Joe felt sick and simply thought he had the flu. After much coaxing, he finally went to see his physician who listened to the symptoms and saw that the patient’s blood pressure was just under 200. It was then that the doctor informed Joe that he was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

“I had no idea that clinical depression could manifest itself into physical symptoms” said Joe. His doctor prescribed him anti-depressants, which made Joe feel even worse.

Eventually, Joe’s sister hired him to work in her kitchen. He was not able to keep the position because he couldn’t memorize the menu. “I felt dizzy and I didn’t feel like myself. I couldn’t memorize things.” Joe said.

In 2016, Joe shared his story at one of Eden’s events. “I wasn’t scared to speak. I wanted people to understand how important the work they do is. Volunteers do more than just distribute food.”

He shared how much of an emotional experience his first visit was. Before walking into the Food Bank at Eden, Joe felt like he was alone because he had not realised just how many people were struggling in Mississauga. This knowledge motivated him to share his story. Joe knew that there must be many others that simply cannot comprehend that so many people need a food bank just to put food on the table.

Knowing that there are others like him has also given this former business owner a different perspective about walking through the doors of a food bank. Joe shares, “It changed me greatly. I no longer feel ashamed. I go there and feel thankful. I look forward to seeing these people.”

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