Get your Group Involved!

Are you looking for a positive team-building experience? Do you know a group looking to volunteer? Would you like to learn more about hunger in western Mississauga?

Then your group should volunteer at Eden Food for Change. We have three onsite opportunities available. Opportunities require either a food or monetary donation and take place at our Unity Drive location (one street south of the 403, off of Winston Churchill Blvd.) If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Janet, our Volunteer Coordinator at


Group Cooking ClassTour & SortRun a Fresh Food Drive

Group size: 6-12 people
Donation: $500 (used to purchase food and our chef’s time)
Time: 3 hours

Here’s what happens:

Your group will begin by touring our food bank and warehouse while learning about hunger in western Mississauga. After, you will learn from our professional Chef, Peter Costello (also a professional chef trainer). Under Chef Peter’s guidance, you will prepare healthy food for our food bank clients while learning some professional kitchen skills. The food will be prepared, portioned and packaged for distribution. Often, groups are able to produce anywhere from 200-400 portions of servings to be distributed.

This opportunity is available on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursday afternoons (some alternate timings can be arranged).

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Group size: 5-15 people
DonationApproximately 100lbs of food/person attending (100 lbs looks like 3-4 full, blue recycling boxes)
Time: 2.5 – 3 hours

Here’s what happens:

Your group will begin with a tour of our food bank, kitchen and warehouse while you learn about hunger in western Mississauga. After, you will sort through the food you brought with you to donate. Essentially you will be checking best before dates and sorting food into similar groups for easy access for our clients.

This opportunity is available on Mondays, Wednesdays morning or afternoon or Thursday afternoons. (Some evenings are available upon request.)

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Group size: Your choice (minimum 10 people)
Time: 4-8 hours
When: You decide (in consultation with us)

Here’s what happens:

Select a few possible dates and contact to see if the dates are available for our truck. Then you will contact a local grocery store to see if they will allow you to stand at their entrances and ask people to donate fresh food. You will let them know that our refrigerated truck will be parked in front of the store to collect the fresh items.

Essentially, you will have people hand out flyers to customers requesting donations of fresh food: milk, meat, cheese, eggs, yoghurt, milk alternatives, butter etc. Other members of your group will collect any donations that are given as customers exit the store and take them to the volunteer(s) that are with the truck who are sorting items into the proper bins.