WE ARE OPEN. As the COVID-19 situation continues, we are committed to serving the families and individuals facing hunger in our community.


Volunteer Your Time & Talents!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Eden Food for Change and thinking of us for your volunteering opportunities. We would just like to let you know that your application will be placed on our wait list. Please understand that due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not running at capacity for volunteering and your wait time may be delayed. Thank you again!

Please click on the link that best applies to you, to view all of our volunteer opportunities, and to apply!

For information about Eden Food for Change's volunteer policies and procedures, click here.


Consider planning your own fundraiser or event to support Eden Food for Change. There are a variety of opportunities for you to engage your friends, family and the rest of your community with information about hunger in western Mississauga.

People have raised food and funds for Eden with their birthday parties, neighbourhood events and at their office. The best way to do this is to set a clear goal and let people know. Ask them to participate by bring food or giving a donation.

The birthday party with a twist.

Here’s how it works – Each child attending the party comes with three things: $5, some more money and non-perishable food items to be donated to our food bank. The $5 is given to the birthday boy/girl, who then gets to combine all the money and buy whatever they like. The other money and the food items are then donated to the food bank to help feed hungry families.

If you would like to host a $5 party, feel free to download and use one of these invitations:


  1. Hungry people in our area will be fed!
  2. No pressure for parents to buy “expensive birthday gifts”.
  3. No shopping time required for your next birthday party.
  4. The toys purchased add to the excess, already out of control amount of toys our kids already have.
  5. The majority of birthday gifts end up on the playroom floor and are often forgotten about a week later. With this idea, the birthday child gets one gift that s/he really wants.
  6. It’s an opportunity to teach our kids to think beyond themselves and about others.
  7. It empowers our kids to know they can use their influence for good.
  8. Donations of money benefit the food bank the most, as the food bank’s buying power is much greater than our own.
  9. Delivering the money and food to the food bank makes a good field trip and learning experience for the birthday child.
  10. It gives the party a lasting purpose and significance.


Our 9 year old recently celebrated her birthday and hosted a $5 party. She was thrilled to be able to purchase a group gift from her $5 donations; she bought a new scooter! But even more than her new scooter, she was thrilled that she could actually make a difference for another local family in need. Visiting the food bank first hand has sparked something incredible in her heart. Our daughter has clearly realized that her influence has helped others in need. Last week we learned that another $5 food bank party is being planned by a girl who attended our daughter’s $5 party. The idea seems to have traction and is spreading.

Plan a group event with a community impact, by hosting a fundraising event or even a fresh food drive. See below for some of our most popular option. For more information, please email our Community Engagement Coordinator Christina Philips.


  • Have a group of people willing to help out for a few hours to collect fresh food items outside a local grocery store? We will help your group connect with a local grocery store and provide the refrigerated truck. Your group would ask shoppers to buy an item from a list of fresh food items and donate it to the Food Bank on their way out. Or, hold a Fresh Food Drive asking people to bring in fresh food donation all on one day. Fresh food is healthier and is often financially out of reach for people living in poverty, by providing fresh food you are helping people today build a healthier future for themselves.


  • Combine a few people willing to bake some goodies with a sweet tooth or two in the office and you have the makings for a successful bake sale. This classic fundraiser is always pretty popular, especially when you put your freshly baked goodies on a cart and push it around the office in the middle of the afternoon when no one will be able to resist.


  • Have the company provide the makings for a BBQ lunch. Invite all the employees to the BBQ and sell the burgers and hot dogs as a fundraiser for the food bank. You can combine this event with a 50/50 Draw or the raffle to have even more fun.


  • Ask local restaurants for gift certificates as prizes or maybe your suppliers can donate an item or two. You can also make your own special prizes such as a preferred parking spot for a month or lunch with the CEO or a Friday off. Who wouldn’t buy a raffle ticket for a chance at a Friday off work?!? Sell tickets for the raffle over a few days or a week. Gather people together to draw the winning tickets and give out the prizes.


  • Whatever you do to raise funds for the food bank, why not ask your company to match the funds raised by the employees? Your co-workers will be happy to participate knowing the company is matching their donations.

Most food drives consist of non-perishable food items. When collecting, please check best before dates and only donate food that you would eat yourself. Have a collection box that is clearly marked so people know where to drop off their donations. Eden does collect donations of fresh produce, but please remember that this can only be done if collection and drop-off are done in a timely manner to maintain freshness. If you plan to collect more than 300 lbs you can contact us at info@edenffc.org to pre-arrange for a pick-up. If you are collecting less than 300 lbs you can drop off your donations at our warehouse at:

Unity Location
2-3185 Unity Drive
Mississauga, ON L5L 4L5

Eden Food for Change accepts cash, cheque, and credit card (VISA & MasterCard) donations. Charitable donation receipts can be issued for donations of $10 or more provided that a donation form is included; donation forms (please request one) must be completed in full for cash and credit card donations. NOTE: Cheques do not require a donation card if complete and current address information is printed on the cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Eden Food for Change.

Funds: If not included with your food donations, financial contributions should be mailed or dropped off to:

Unity Location
2-3185 Unity Drive
Mississauga, ON L5L 4L5

Your group or organization can issue a cheque to cover donations (include donor names and donation amounts to ensure tax receipt accuracy). Keep a record of your financial donations and be sure to include them.