Food and Fund Drives


Get Involved – Make a Difference

Plan a group event with a community impact, by hosting a fundraising event or even a fresh food drive. See below for some of our most popular option. For more information, please email our Community Engagement Coordinator Christina Philips.

Cook in Eden’s Kitchenfood from CLK kitchen

Organize a group of 6 to 12 people from your workplace to prepare meals in our Learning Kitchen led by our in-house chef which are then portioned and distributed through the food bank. Each group in the kitchen should raise a minimum of $500 to cover the cost.  Walk away with some great kitchen skills and the knowledge that you helped prepare healthy food for people living in poverty.

Bill speaking at LaunchLunch ‘n Learn

Invite someone from Eden Food for Change to your workplace over a lunch to give a presentation on hunger and how it affects our community. Learn about we are providing short and longer-term solutions to hunger in Mississauga. Encourage your co-workers to attend.

Fresh Food DriveFresh Food Drive

Have a group of people willing to help out for a few hours to collect fresh food items outside a local grocery store? We will help your group connect with a local grocery store and provide the refrigerated truck. Your group would ask shoppers to buy an item from a list of fresh food items and donate it to the Food Bank on their way out. Or, hold a Fresh Food Drive asking people to bring in fresh food donation all on one day. Fresh food is healthier and is often financially out of reach for people living in poverty, by providing fresh food you are helping people today build a healthier future for themselves.

brown bag lunches

Brown Bag it for Hunger

Pick a day in May or June and encourage your co-workers to bring in a bag lunch to work on that day and donate what they would have spent for lunch at a restaurant to the food bank. You can do it on your own and donate on-line through or do it as a group and have someone collect the donations and send it in.

Bake SaleIMGP9782

Combine a few people willing to bake some goodies with a sweet tooth or two in the office and you have the makings for a successful bake sale. This classic fundraiser is always pretty popular, especially when you put your freshly baked goodies on a cart and push it around the office in the middle of the afternoon when no one will be able to resist.


BBQ Lunch

Have the company provide the makings for a BBQ lunch. Invite all the employees to the BBQ and sell the burgers and hot dogs as a fundraiser for the food bank.   You can combine this event with a 50/50 Draw or the raffle to have even more fun.



Ask local restaurants for gift certificates as prizes or maybe your suppliers can donate an item or two. You can also make your own special prizes such as a preferred parking spot for a month or lunch with the CEO or a Friday off. Who wouldn’t buy a raffle ticket for a chance at a Friday off work?!? Sell tickets for the raffle over a few days or a week. Gather people together to draw the winning tickets and give out the prizes.


IMGP7616 smaller

Fresh Produce Box Volunteering

Your group of 5 to 8 people can arrange to volunteer on a Friday morning from 9am to noon to help put together the skids of fruits and vegetables from the Ontario Food Terminal into the small and large boxes. The Fresh Produce Boxes are available weekly to everyone in the community at six pick-up locations increasing access to a variety of fruits and vegetables are available to anyone at an affordable price. Please email our Volunteer Coordinator Janet Watson to make arrangements.

Run A Bottle Drive

Collect Bottles to return and donate all the funds received to Eden Food for Change. It’s easy, takes minimal coordination and can have a huge return! Plus you have the added bonus of knowing those bottles were recycled instead of being thrown in the trash.

cash pic smallDouble Your Money!!!

Whatever you do to raise funds for the food bank, why not ask your company to match the funds raised by the employees?  Your co-workers will be happy to participate knowing the company is matching their donations.


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