Fresh Produce Box Myths

  • This uses Food Bank produce donations
    • False – Eden purchases all the contents for the box from the Ontario Food Terminal, based on how many people order. 100% of the fresh food donated to Eden Food for Change is distributed through our food bank programs.
  • This is fundraiser
    • False – Eden only takes 10% to cover program costs, such as truck usage and a part-time program coordinator. In fact, when people don’t pick-up their box, the organization loses the money they spent buying the produce for it. However, the design of this program is to be self-sustaining. Although, you can make an online donation here.
  • This is only for people who use the Food Bank
    • False – Everyone deserves to access affordable fruits and veggies. Also, with people of all income levels using the program, there is less stigma associated for those who really need all of Eden’s services. Plus, there are people who live above the poverty line and still struggle to afford produce without this program.
  • I can’t use this because I don’t like everything in the box
    • Maybe False, Maybe True – You can exchange one item from our “Take an Item, Leave an Item box’. However, if there are lots of items that you do not like, and you prefer to select your produce then maybe this program is not for you.
  • Only Rich People use this program
    • False – People of all income levels use this program, including people who use the Food Bank and some who are rich and everyone in between. We all should eat healthy, so this serves everyone.

Fresh Produce Box Questions

  1. What comes in a box?

It varies each week with more variety seen between seasons. You can expect to find around 8 items of varying quantities in a small $10 box and about 10-12 items with varying quantities in large box

2. If I miss the cut-off time, can I still order a box?

No, however on Fridays you can asked to be put on a waiting list for the Unity location where you will be called before 4pm and will have about 20 minutes to come pick-up the box. Alternatively, on Fridays you can try showing up to a pick-up location in the last 5 minutes and after the end time they can sell you any leftover boxes.

3.How do you choose the produce?

Our Chef goes down to the Ontario Food Terminal and is looking for high nutritional value and low cost. He buys it fresh the same day as pick-up,

4. How do you keep the value of the boxes high?

Volunteer Power!!! Our chef chooses the items, but then volunteers assemble the boxes and other volunteers host the pick-up sites.