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An Eye-Opening Experience

Michelle1 (2)Eden Food for Change offers their co-op students a variation of exposure to valuable work experience. Students like myself, have the opportunity to explore their interests within a non for profit organization. A co-op placement at Eden prepares you for future careers.

Working in the Food Bank at Eden was an eye-opening experience. Before my time at Eden, I was completely unaware of the hidden poor in the western Mississauga area. Interacting with individuals that use the Food Bank’s services, led me to feel more connected to the community I grew up in.

Throughout my time here, I’ve developed in many ways. I now feel more confident while speaking to others and in my work. A part of why I’ve improved so much is due to my supervisor and co-workers, who challenged me to undertake tasks that I deemed to be daunting. I reckon that I’m now more prepared for my future then when before I started my co-op placement.

Now with only a week left at Eden Food for Change, I’m proud of all of my achievements and the progress I’ve made as an individual. I’m thankful for all the welcoming staff and volunteers that made my transition into my co-op go much more smoothly. I will miss coming to work at Eden and I know my time here will soon become a cherished memory.

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