Current Needs List

Printable Needs List Mar/April
* Fresh/Frozen Foods, especially Meat, Yogurt, Margarine, Butter, * - see note belowCondiments - BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, RelishPickles, Mayonnaise
Toilet PaperOilLaundry Soap
Flour - All Purpose and Atta FlourBasmati RiceBulk Oatmeal
Boxed CrackersPeanut Butter and JamSide Dishes
Instant Coffee and Hot ChocolateBody Wash and ToothpasteBaby Food Jars - Meals and Vegetables Only (No Fruit)
JuiceBaking - Cake Mixes and Muffin Mixes
* Fresh product must be given to a volunteer at either: 3185 Unity Dr, Mon-Fri 9-4pm or 3051 Battleford Rd, Mondays only 9am-3pm, in order to be refrigerated.