Corporate Involvement

If you would like to involve your company and/or employees with Eden community there are many ways for you to get involved. Some one-time group activities include a ​Tour & Sort, a Group Cooking Class or volunteering at a community food drive (usually held on a weekend).


You are also able to partner with Eden for a longer-term commitment where you commit to a minimum monthly donation or annual amount and include some events for team building. Activities could include those listed on our group involvement page but may also include events at your office such as:

  • Brown Bag it for HUNGER

    • Have everyone bring their own lunch to work that day, and then use the money they would have spent at a restaurant to gain entry into the lunch room where games and other activities are taking place. Whoever joins can have a two hour lunch that day and enjoy some team building.
  • Cram-a-cubicle

    • Fill up a cubicle with food donations. This works really well if there are teams that are competing against one another.
  • Leader Bake-off

    • Challenge leaders in your organization to a bake-off, which they must make from scratch themselves. Sell tickets to taste and other tickets to vote to see who bakes the best!
  • Lunch n Learn

    • Invite someone from Eden to come and share what hunger looks like in western Mississauga. Have your employees attend and learn about what is happening in the local community.

Fresh Produce Boxes

Every week we sell small and large Fresh Produce Boxes. A small box is $10 and large box is $20 and has roughly 20lbs of fresh vegetables and fruit. Eden provides this service, basically at cost, to try and encourage the entire community to eat healthier.

Have someone be the office/building coordinator for our Fresh Produce Boxes. This would involve emailing us with the number of orders (minimum order of 15 boxes) by Thursday at 5pm and collecting the money from people. On Friday afternoon, we will drop off the boxes at your location and pick up payment for them. This service is available for companies located within western Mississauga.

To explore opportunities between your organization and Eden Food for Change, please contact Christina, our Community Engagement Coordinator at