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Mississauga, ON – Monday, December 5th, 2016 – Hauler Ads, a Mississauga based mobile advertising company, has generously donated space to Eden Food for Change for the holiday season to help spread the word about the organization’s work.

Phil Randall, Hauler Ads Co-Founder came to visit Eden Food for Change (EFFC) and learn about how the organization serves the community through its Food Bank, Learning Kitchen and Fresh Produce Box program. As he heard the stories of how people found a place that provided them with food and respect he went back to his colleagues who decided that they would donate ad space for the organization during this critical fundraising season.

“It wasn’t difficult to convince the team to pitch in once they heard the stories of the individuals at Eden! It is an honour to be able to support such an amazing organization!” said Randall. “Together we will make this a better world a better place!”

The new business utilizes the blank spaces on delivery trucks to sell ad space to local companies wanting to promote their business in a targeted community. Through modern technology, the company can detect impressions by those who drive by the truck in the next lane. This means that at a minimum, each mobile ad receives approximately 50,000 impressions every day.  Plus, with the truck moving throughout an area, daily impressions tend to be new every day as opposed to a standing billboard which will likely have the same commuters pass by in on a regular basis.

The team at Hauler Ads also came up with the concept that is currently on display driving through Mississauga. The ad promotes both the organization’s focus on fresh food, as well as their desire to see people feel a sense of dignity and community when they walk through the doors of EFFC.

“This generous offer from Hauler Ads is really exciting for us,” said Bill Crawford, Executive Director of EFFC. “The campaign they designed is really helpful in providing awareness of the full nature of our work.”

Eden Food for Change has been serving Mississauga for more than 25 years. The organization provides people with emergency food support through its two Food Bank locations, as well as the ability to put healthy food on their own tables with its Learning Kitchen. EFFC’s Fresh Produce Box program allows everyone to access affordable fruits and vegetables. Eden Food for Change – Good Food for All!


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