WE ARE OPEN. As the COVID-19 situation continues, we are committed to serving the families and individuals facing hunger in our community.



Eden Food for Change is committed to increasing access to good food in a dignified manner, developing food skills to encourage healthy eating and empowering the community through education, outreach and advocacy.




In 1989, a few members of Eden United Church noticed there were hungry families in their church and in the community. It was in the fall of this same year that an informal food bank began. A place where people would donate food and hungry families could access food. In the spring of 1990 this became an official program at the church.

As time went on this volunteer-run program continued to grow and in 2002, Eden Food Bank was incorporated and became an officially registered charity. While it continued to run out of Eden United Church, Eden Food Bank was now its own organization.

And still it grew, both in need and in donations, to the point that volunteers were overwhelmed and the organization considering closing. Instead, 2005 was time for the first paid employee, and a part-time manager was hired. By the end of the year there were two part-time employees.

Initially serving Meadowvale, Eden Food Bank grew to serve the L5N and L5M postal codes. In 2007 our name was changed to Eden Community Food Bank to better reflect who we were.

Desiring to better serve the community, Eden expanded to a second location on Unity Drive in 2009 to provide food for people residing in the L5L and L5K postal codes. In 2010 we hired our first Executive Director to help increase Eden’s impact in the community and better engage with supporters.

Our Community Learning Kitchen initiative began in 2011 and was officially launched in 2013. It provides cooking classes for food bank recipients based around the types of food they receive from us. The kitchen also provides the opportunity for volunteers to help prepare nutritious food to be cooked, portioned, and packaged for distribution through the food bank.

In the spring of 2014, we adapted again to meet the needs of our community and announced a transition away from the stereotypical food bank model of food collection and distribution to a community food centre model that better responds to the needs of hungry families taking a more relational, long-term and sustainable approach. This change encompasses our desire to help provide food for hungry people, be a place for our entire community to access nutritious food and food skills and to provide opportunities to learn more about good, healthy food. Serving all of western Mississauga, Eden Food for Change is committed to working to provide GOOD FOOD FOR ALL!

For more than 25 years we have been serving western Mississauga.
Take a look at our timeline below to see our journey.